Brandmire to Run for State Representative

St Cloud, Minnesota – St Cloud City Council member Paul Brandmire announced today that he will be running for the House District 14-B seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Mr. Brandmire will seek the endorsement of the St Cloud Area Republicans at their April 18th Convention.

Mr. Brandmire was elected to the City Council in 2018 and has been a strong voice for fiscal responsibility and government accountability. Although he has enjoyed representing Ward 3 on the Council, he believes that he can better represent the people of 14-B in the House of Representatives. “In order to best reflect the interests of our community, I feel it is important to have a conservative majority in the House.”

“The state will likely have a deficit next session, so we will need a common-sense, fiscally conservative voice at the Capitol,” said Brandmire. “We need representation that will look out for the pocketbooks of taxpayers during these unprecedented, economically challenging times. The hard-working taxpayers of Minnesota deserve to keep more of their paychecks and I will work to make that happen.”

Brandmire also believes we need to fight the pandemic with smarter policies, such as better targeting of closing orders that protect people while not bankrupting small businesses. “It’s crazy that small businesses like lawn care companies, golf courses, and other companies whose employees work alone or outside can’t be open during this time,” he said.

Brandmire is a retired U.S. Air Force Captain who served for 21 years on active duty, including two deployments to Southwest Asia. He has also been a long-time local leader and volunteer. He has served in leadership positions with The Boy Scouts of America, the home delivered meal program, his local church, and multiple pro-life groups.